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Casocryl Sheet


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CASOCRYL Black-N-White Sheets
CASOCRYL Black-N-White sheets

Description: Specialty Cast Acrylic Sheet
Category: SUBSTRATES/Acrylics
Item Class:
Status: Made to order
Casocryl Black-N-White is a cast acrylic sheet which appears black but becomes white when illuminated from the back. An excellent material for special applications as in directional signage and backlit channel letters.
Title: Sheet Thickness (mm) Available sizes (inches) Finish
Available in 3/16" thick 4' x 8'
Minimum quantity purchase of the standard size only is 5 sheets.
Pick up only within the province of Ontario, Canada. Samples are NOT available.
Shipping, packaging (Skid) is extra
-Point of Purchase
-Channel letters
-Alarm messages
-Screenprinting and Advertising
-Decorative lighting
-Hidden messages
-Easy to machine as light metal or hardwood; wood or metalwork machines and tools may be used
-Constant light transmission; when illuminated, the colour intensity is uniform and identical for different thicknesses
-20-25% greater impact resistance than glass; Casocryl has a good resistance against stress cracking when flat or formed parts are glued
-Resistant to detergents, dyes, chemicals and moisture
-Has a matte finish on one side and a glossy one on the other
-Rigid and tough
1. Messages are cut out of opaque vinyl films or transparent coloured films such as Calon (R) vinyl to achieve colour, in mirror writing and laminated on the rear side of the Casocryl Black-N-White sheet.
2. The light box can be divided into several separately illuminated compartments to allow for a choice of several messages conveyed from one single face.
3. Illumination is enhanced when the interior of the light box is spray painted white. When illuminated, the text is legible. Without illumination, the text is invisible and the front remains uniform black.
4. Both fluorescent and neon tubes may be used, Cool White lamps (colour temperature of 4,300 K) are recommended. It should be noted that light energy should be 2-3 times that of standard light boxes. Also allow for at least a spacing of 10 cm on the right and left sides of the box.
Casocryl Black n White has good weatherability. It does not yellow, is ultraviolet and chemical resistant. Casocryl Black n White is also highly moisture and salt resistant. An excellent material for exterior use.
Casocryl Black N White has a comparable flammability rating to that of hardwood. It has an ignition temperature of 425C.