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Roadside Emergency - Theme Solutions


12 of our selection of roadside emergency kits, including road hazard & emergency

supplies, first aid items all logo branded including comfort CPR tools for you or your

FA0305 - Comfort First Aid

First Aid

97-409 - CPR Kit


97-151- Doctor's Bag Deluxe First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

FA0405 - Family First Aid

Family First Aid

FA0205 - Deluxe Home / Office First Aid

Home or Office

FA0455 - First Aid Duffel

First Aid Duffel

97-415 - First Aid Kit Plus

1st Aid Kit Plus

FA4955 - First Aid Keychain

1st Aid Keychain

FA0255 - First Aid Pack

First Aid Pack

FA5105 - First Aid Mini Wallet

Auto Wallet

XP-110 - Home/Office First Aid Kit

Office Help

97- 430 - Jr. Widemouth® First Aid Kit

Jr. Widemouth

auto, home or office. Find a great collection of customized 1st aid kits such as Mini

wallet or home/office, family emergency requirements, this compact family bag with

carrying handle is made of two-tone, nylon with micro fiber or duffel which is made

with 600D coated polyester and features highly reflective handles and strips.