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Promo Carabiners - Theme Solutions


15 carabiners are listed here for your choice of promotional giveaways, they can be

one or 4 color printed complete with woven straps, they will be customized as per

765CAR-BW - 3" Carabiner One Colour Printed

One Color Printed

765CAR-C - 3" Carabiner Printed 4 Color Process

Printed 4 Color

Pad Printed Carabiner

Pad Printed

OS765CAR-P - 2-1/4" Carabiner with Screenprinting Strap

2.1/4" Printed

OS765CAR-W - 2-1/4" Carabiner with Woven Strap

Woven Strap

OS767CAR225 - 2-1/4" Direct Pad Printed Carabiners

Pad Printed

OS767CAR300- Direct Pad Printed 3" Carabiners

Pad Printed 3"

BRB-0326- Carabiner with Web Strap

Carabiner Web Strap

BRB-0327 - Carabiner with Web Strap 6 cm

Carabiner Web Strap

CL-311 Carabiner Badge Holder

311 Carabiner Holder

CL-350 - Carabiners 3 1/8

350-Carabiners 3.1/8

CL-351 - Carabiner with Printed Lanyard

351 - Cara w/ Lanyard

CL-330 - Carabiner LED Flashlight w/Gift Box

330 - Carabiner LED

CK-306 - Retractable Badge Holder w/ Carabiner Clip

CK-306 - Holder

CK-375 - 2 3/4" Carabiner

375 - 2 3/4" Carabiner

your design to showcase the credibility of the business you run, so for your next

promotional event, have some of these key holders branded on the clip or the one

with web strap, key ring with printed lanyard, flashlight in a gift box also great idea.