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Decorated Plastic Tags - Decorated Tags

Coat Check

Coat Checks

DT-101 - Door Hanger Tags

DT-101-Door Hangers

Econo Plastic Luggage Tags

Econo Luggage Tags

MP-230 - Luggage Tags

MP-230-Luggage Tag

Membership Cards

MC-101-Member Card

PT-101 - Parking Tags

PT-101 - Parking Tags

Self Number Tags

Self Number Tags

MP-280L - Membership Tags


10A-1300 - RESORT BAG TAG-Square

10A-1300 - Bag Tag


Choose your personalized and Decorated Plastic Tags and Coat Checks from Sterling Promotions Inc., our

Plastic Tags and Self Numbering Tags are made to order, also the Luggage tags and the Self Numbering Tags,

Membership Tags and Bag Tags, buy quality plastic and metal tags from us, we'll customize your tags we print,

engrave, hot stamp and decorate your tags including consecutive numbering, with or without logo, or just blank.