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Assorted Latex Balloons Imprint - Promotional Latex Balloons


Use Promotional Latex Balloons with custom logo such as our Assorted Latex Balloons Imprint or without print like

the Assorted Latex Balloons no Imprint, or for extra fun, try Twisties Sculpturing Balloons also you need Balloon

11" Round - Screen Imprint

11" Round - Screen

11" Round - Stand & Designer

11" Round - Designer

9" Round - Crystal/Pearl

9" Round - Crystal

9" Round - Stand and Designer

9" Round - Designer


you need Balloon accessories such as Plastic Straw Clear and Balloon String or Balloon Clips or Curling Ribbon

or Valves w/string and discs, You may like the 9" balloons or the 11" standard balloons or designer Pearl finish.