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Dog Collars & Leashes - Theme Solutions


Custom Promotional Dog Collars and Leashes, printed with your logo, are great

advertising medium for all dog clubs, dog trainers and dog food products companies

CL-605 - Man’s Best Friend Dog Collar

Dog Collars

CL-611E - Environmentally Friendly Dog Leash

Dog Leashes

CL-611 - Dog Leash 45 inches long

Dog Leash 45"

CL-604 - 3/8" Dog Collar

3/8" Dog Collar

CL-603 - 3/4" Dog Collar

3/4" Dog Collar

CL-602 - 3/8" Dog Leash

3/8" Leashes

also vets, we supply a variety of Hand Made Dog Collars and Leashes including the

CL-605 - Man’s Best Friend Dog Collar, and CL-604 - 3/8" Dog Collar Polyester

Screen Printed also we provide Dog Harnesses