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House Promo Items - Theme Solutions


Stylish promotional giveaways you need around the house, geared for real estate

business, insurance companies. Everyone can use an extra flashlight a mug or a

DA7259 - Bamboo Canister

Bamboo Cans

FL4910 - LED Safety Flash Light

Flash Lights

FL8413 - LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight

PC8693 - Family Snacker Picnic Basket

Picnic Baskets

ML3009 - Illuminated Magnifier


MT8172 - Multi-Tool.


KP8624 - Pop N' Go Collapsible Food Container

Plastic Container

KP7079 - Bamboo Canister

Bamboo Can

GP2937 - Car Safety Kit

Car Safety Kits

KP6700 - Salt and Pepper Mill Set

Salt/Pepper Mill

BL3021 - Travelling Poker Set.

Travelling Poker

GP5283-C - Roulette Wheel Game Pack

Roulette Wheel

EZ8919 - Smart Grab E-Z Import Microfiber Cleaning Mitt

Cleaning Mitts

BL3711 - Playing Card Holder.

Playing Cards

KC3087 - Poker Chip Key Ring

Chip Key Rings

AM5199 - Playing Cards

Playing Cards

B5772 - Travel Blanket

Travel Blankets

CU9525 - QUINCY Wireless Charger

ABS Chargers

WB9287 - NUNATAK 250 ML. (8 OZ.) Stemless Glass

Stemless Glass

WK8975 - Wooden Bottle Opener

Bottle Openers

wooden bottle opener, such as a plastic container, cleaning mitt or salt/pepper mill,

also wireless charger, place your phone on this device for wireless charging phone

must have inductive wireless charging enabled, no cables required, input voltage:

5V-2A, output voltage: 5V-1A, 5mm charging distance, use with or without your case

everything you need around the home promo items.