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Custom Dog Tags - Promotional Products


Check out out personalized dog tags they are engraved, etched, printed, economic

tags for pets either custom shape or standard size, such as the 24" ball chain style

Bottle Openers Tags

Bottle Openers

Compass Dog Tags

Compass Tags

Econo Dog Tags

Econo Pet Tags

Express Line Dog Tags

Express Line


Medal Tags

Pewter & Classic Dog Tags

Pewter & Classic

Photo Action Tags

Photo Action Tag

Photoart Dog Tags

Photoart Badge

it is made out of pewter along with the classic pet tags are available with a 24 inch

ball chain attachment, classic finish only, the silver or antique photo action dog tags,

comes with silver ball chain classic or econo finishes, individual polybag and the

compass style, in gold, silver or antique tones std, size: 2.25 x 1.25 in. also photoart

badges and the stock steel are 4-color process printed & laminated decal added on