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Branded Chef Wear - Workwear


At Sterling Promotions we provide the highest quality of promo chef wear & uniforms

for restaurants and kitchens. Choose from our selection of the custom diner chef

The Diner Chef Jacket

Chef Jackets

The Cuisine Scarf

Cuisine Scarf

The Kitchen Head Wrap

Head Wraps

Chef Pillbox Skull Cap

Pillbox Skull Cap

Diner Uniform Hat

Uniform Hats

Mushroom Chef Hat

Mushroom Hat

Grill Cook Shirt

Grill Cook Shirt

The Grill Cook Pants

Grill Cook Pants

Cuisine Chef Jacket

Cuisine Jacket

Spectrum Chef Coat

Spectrum Coat

Chef Beret Hat

Chef Beret Hat

Junior Kids Chef Hat

Kids Chef Hat

jackets, head wraps, uniform hats, printed or embroidered with your logo to look

sharp in the workplace, shop our selection of a quality uniforms customized as per

your design, such as cuisine chef jacket, spectrum coat, grill cook pants, and grill

shirt also mushroom hat, pillbox skull cap, head wrap, available in all styles & sizes.