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Industrial Products


Plastic Products


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Eng. ABS

Mechanical ABS Plastic

ABS -Forming Grade

Forming ABS


Acrylic Sheet Products

Sheffield Plastics VIVAK

PETG Vivak

HDPE Sheet

Polyethylene Products

Coroplast Sheets

Coroplast Sheets

LEXAN MR10-112 Sheet


LEXAN Polycarbonate Shee

LEXAN Sheets

Extruded Nylon

Nylon Extruded

Nylon MD Filled

Nylon MD Filled

Plexiglas and Acrylic

Plexiglas Sheets

Polypropylene Sheet


Rigid PVC Plastic

Rigid P.V.C.

Foam PVC sheets

Foamed P.V.C.

Sungard Polycarbonate


Teflon PTFE Products

Teflon P.T.F.E.
Please note that not all plastic products and sign supplies are in stock, due to the recent changes we're implementing in our business, in the future we might not be able to re-stock anymore, kindly contact us for current availability of the product you're looking for!