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Safety Products - Theme Solutions


Workplace promotional safety products are important for all employees to practice

the proper use of their equipment, at Sterling Promotions we supply personalized

Teepee Triangle Set

Triangle Set

99-284x - 10 LED Headlamp

LED Headlamp

Safety T-Shirt

Safety T-Shirts

Safety Vest

Safety Vests

Emergency Blanket

Emerg Blanket

Safety Triangle

Ground Triangle

Roadside Safety

Roadside Safety

Road Rescue Safety Kit

Road Rescue Kit

Premium Travel Pro Safety Kit

Premium Safety

Cross Country Safety Kit

Cross Country

Mini Sports First Aid Kit

Sports First Aid

Hiker's Shovel

Hiker's Shovels

T-shirts and vests, also we embroider emergency blankets, we have roadside safety

items including large auto organizer compartments with reinforced walls, heavy duty

webbing, high quality reflective piping and stitching. Cross country safety kits, with

multiple compartments, complete with reflective strip on the front, heavy duty auto

accessories where the bottom adheres to trunk carpet and 19 piece car first aid kits