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Foamboard Sheet


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FOMECORE Foamboard Sheets
FomeCor‚ foam board is a sheet of extruded polystyrene foam laminated between Kraft paper liners
Picture framing, Window and floor displays, Point-of-purchase displays, Mounting of photographs, Advertising and commercial art, Trade show exhibits, Backing for blue prints and drawings, Models
Theatre props, stage sets, counter cards, Mounting of valued artwork, diplomas and awards are ideally suited for Acid-free Fome-Cor, as it does not cause yellowing or brittleness of print media.
Lightweight, an excellent mounting board and display material
Rigid with an excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio; Fome-Cor is bend resistant which allows you to produce life-size, stand-alone displays, Warp resistant core, Cuts easily with mat knives, razors, slitters, fine toothed bank and circular table saws, Fome-Cor, laminated with clay-coated paper stock, is satin smooth. No corrugations, no texture, no seams, Acid-free Fome-Cor resists deterioration under U.V. light & exhibits no corrosive side effects so artwork and prints mounted on Acid-free Fome-Cor stand the test of time.
Cut sizes are available upon request.
Type Standard Thickness (inches) Standard Sizes (inches) Liner Foam
Fome-Cor 3-16, 1-8, 30 x 40, 40 x 60, 48 x 96, 32 x 40 inches (3-16 In. only) White White
Fome-Cor Black 3-16, 48 x 96, 32 x 40 inches (3-16 In. only) Black Black
Fome-Cor 3-8, 48 x 96 inches White White
Jet-Mount 1-4, 48 x 96 inches. White, Black White, Black
Acid-free Fome-Cor 3-16, 1-8, 32 x 40, 4" x 60 inches White White
PSA Fome-Cor-Low Tack 3-16, 32 x 40 inches White White
PSA Fome-Cor-High Tack 3-16, 24 x 36, 48 x 72 inches White White
Qty/Product 1 5 10 25
Foamcore White 4 x 8 ft x 4mm, 3-16 In. 17.00 15.99 15.35 14.75
Foamcore Black 4 x 8 ft x 4mm, 3-16 In. 22.00 19.99 19.25 18.45
-Prices are subject to change without notice. our minimum invoice is $35.00 before taxes.